rotarykits retrofit

The RK9 series is designed to be used with the Pioneer DJM900 mixers. We CNC machine each plate from steel to match the original fader cover plate of your mixer—with one change: the linear faders are replaced with rotary potentiometers. Installation is easy, requires no modification of the mixer--and takes about 5 minutes. Your mixer can easily be returned to stock, linear fader operation at any time*

  • CNC-milled metal plate replaces stock unit
  • ALPS rotary potentiometers
  • Powder-coated, laser-etched labeling & finish
  • Machined aluminum knobs for comfortable, ergonomic feel


*Installation is at your own risk.

We currently offer a rotary conversion kit for the Pioneer DJM 900NXS, NSX2, and SRT models.

We’re a passionate small shop and sometimes our R&D budget can face some limits. We are excited for new customers, and if you don’t see your mixer model listed, why not send us a message and we’ll start from there!

Our Team

Scott Elliott founder

Henray Morales finishing

Paul Breed machining